Liberal Arts & Sustainability Faculty Grants

                                       A Project of UNH's Culture and Sustainability Initiative (CAS)

Download the Liberal Arts and Sustainability RFP for Courses and Co-Curricular ProgrammingThe Sustainability Institute at UNH invites proposals from UNH College of Liberal Arts (COLA) faculty members interested in developing and implementing programming that brings a liberal arts perspective to sustainability.

Proposals may be submitted as individuals or groups, and interdisciplinary proposals involving collaboration between departments and offices that help to expand the scope and impact of the proposed program will be given special consideration.

The UNH Culture and Sustainability Task Force (CAST), UNHSI Faculty Fellows and staff select awardees.



We offer support in two areas:

Course development

  • The award process for AY13-14 is now closed. Stay tuned for information about AY2014-2015!
  • Three course development awards of $3K each for courses offered in the 2013-14 academic year: each awardee will receive $2K in course development funding during AY12-13 followed by $1K in implementation during the semester in which the course is offered in AY14-15.
  • Proposals and syllabi due Oct 18, 2013. MORE INFORMATION AND WEBFORM
  • For the development of Humanities courses that may be cross-listed with the proposed UNH Sustainability Dual Major (SDM)This is an opportunity for faculty in COLA to help highlight the humanities contributions to sustainability and to benefit from increased exchange with our colleagues in the natural, social and health sciences, as well as in engineering.
  • This year, one or more of the course awards will be granted for a course redesigned or developed in line with UNH’s new Responsible Governance and Sustainability Citizenship Project (RGSCP). RGSCP is a newly established initiative in the Liberal Arts to promote the humanistic study and discussion of ethics, citizenship, principled leadership, responsible governance of private and public institutions and the creation of sustainable institutions. Courses are particularly desired that create a dialogue between the past and the present or bring cross-disciplinary or cross-cultural perspectives to bear on RGSCP themes.

AY13-14 Awardees

  • Alynna Lyon (Political Science): "Global Issues and Sustainability through the United Nations." Award given by the Responsible Governance and Sustainability Citizenship Project.
  • Charli Valdez (English): "Sustaining Latino/Latina Culture."
  • Tamsin Whitehead (Women's Studies): "Queer Sustainability: Lives, Culture, Futures.



Co-curricular programming

  • All Academic Year 2013-2014 funds have been awarded. New Academic Year 2014-2015 grants will be available starting in August 2014.
  • Awards of up to $1,000 available.
  • Proposals accepted on a rolling basis. MORE INFORMATION AND WEBFORM
  • For the development and implementation of programming that brings a liberal arts perspective to sustainability. Proposals submitted should pertain to issues that communicate the actual and/or potential relationships between the liberal arts and sustainability.

For more information, please contact Sara Cleaves (862-0172) of the Sustainability Institute or Stephen Trzaskoma in UNH Classics (862-3648).


AY12-14 Awardees to Date

  • Svetlana Peshkova (Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies Minor): screening of the documentary Leila Khaled: Hijacker and a discussion with the filmmaker, Lina Makboul. Co-sponsored with the Center for the Humanities, the Middle Eastern Studies Minor, Anthropology, the COLA Dean’s office, and the Center for International Education.
  • Culture and Sustainability Task Force, Dartmouth College and University of Maine, Orono Winter in the Blood screening and director’s visit
  • Culture and Sustainability Task Force, Race and Ethnic Studies, and the Black Student Union showing of Soul Food Junkies on campus
  • Siobhan Senier (English): Indigenous New England annual conference
  • David Bachrach (History): Medieval Climate Change in Modern Methodological Perspective
  • David Kaye (Theatre and Dance): Sila: Exploring Culture and Sustainability through Drama
  • Tom Haines (English): Sustainable Stories