Sustainability Dual Major



Transformational Education for Sustainability Leaders

The new undergraduate Sustainability Dual Major provides an innovative pathway for emerging leaders to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be agents of change in a complex, ever-changing global environment. Students from any UNH college or major can pair the Sustainability Dual Major with the first major.  From local to global, you’ll learn to analyze, evaluate, critique, and create new ideas and models around sustainability. As a cross-disciplinary field of study and practice, you’ll make connections across issues of science and ethics, policy and technology, and culture and history to better understand and take action on pressing issues of our time.

  • Study grand challenges in a flexible format
  • Apply your principles and passions to your academic work
  • Add value to your primary major
  • Work collaboratively across disciplines with students and faculty
  • Develop skills needed to create sustainability solutions in any profession
  • Prepare for a career in the expanding sustainability field
  • Hone your leadership abilities to help create a better world

Degree Requirements

SUST consists of 32 credits, including core and elective courses, and a capstone experience. 

Students are required to take three (3) SUST courses (in order)

  • SUST 401: Surveying Sustainability
  • SUST 501:  Sustainability Perspectives & Methods
  • SUST 750: Sustainability Capstone

Students choose elective courses to complete the remaining 20 credits for the dual major. Approved electives are posted below – and the list is still growing!  All SUST majors will take at least one elective from the natural & biological sciences list, and at least one from the social science and humanities list. 

Sustainability Dual Major Approved Electives:(list updated 11/18/15)

Natural Biological Systems:
  • ECOG 401: Introduction to EcoGastronomy (Spring 2016)
  • ESCI 405: Global Environmental Change (J-term 2016 and Spring 2016)
  • NR 650: Principles of Conservation Biology (Spring 2016)
Social Systems & Humanities:
  • ECON 698: The Social Economy
  • ENGL 747: Studies in American Poetry: Environmental Poetry
  • ENGL/AM Studies 521: The Nature Writers
  • ENGL/WS 787: English Major Seminar: The Writer's Cabin (Spring 2016)
  • POLT 444: Politics and Policy in a Warming World (Spring 2016)
  • POLT 547: Race and Justice in the Americas 
  • POLT 548: The Drug Wars: Views from the South and the North
  • POLT 567: Politics of Global Resources
  • POLT 750/850: The Politics of Poverty (Spring 2016)
  • POLT 751: Comparative Environmental Politics and Policy
  • POLT 751: International Environmental Politics, Policy and Law (Spring 2016)
  • SOC 565: Environment and Society (J-term 2016 and Spring 2016)

Click Here to Download PDF of Electives

For more information about the dual major, please contact Stacy VanDeveer.