UNH Dual Major in Sustainability (in development)

The Sustainability Institute is currently bringing faculty together from across colleges and disciplines to develop a UNH Dual Major in Sustainability (SDM). Visit the SDM's website to learn more: unhsdm.weebly.com.

The goals of this initiative are to:

  • Design and implement a Sustainability Dual Major (SDM): articulate learning goals, pedagogical strategies and an assessment plan; develop new courses, learning modules, and partnership agreements; and revision of existing courses to support those goals.
  • Prepare and submit SAPC “Intent-to-Submit” and, pending approval, a full proposal to SAPC.
  • Acquire all necessary approvals to make SDM accessible to student planning and advising as soon as possible.
  •  Build an inter-college faculty learning community focused on sustainability.

For more information, contact Dr. Paula Salvio or Dr. Tom Kelly.