Ecosystem Task Force Subcommittees

The work of the Ecosystem Task Force is carried out by the various subcommittees. They are organized and lead by EcoTF members, but are made up of a variety of faculty, staff and students from across campus who are vital to accomplishing the subcommittees' goals. If you are interested in working on a particular project or area, please contact the appropriate subcommittee chair or email the Ecosystem Task Force!

The goals and areas of focus of the EcoTF's subcommittees change over time as needed to fulfill the mission of the Task Force. The current list of subcommittees is given below.

Active Subcommittees

Natural Resources Inventory

Goal: Make recommendations about the long-term, future use of the UNH College Woods. If the recommendations include designation of all or a portion of the College Woods as green space, identify a boundary delineating the area to remain undeveloped.

Chair: Tom Lee


Development Boundaries & Smart Growth Issues

Goal: Make recommendations about the long-term land development needs of the University.

Chair: Paul Chamberlin


Water Supply & Usage

Goal: Make recommendations about the long-term viability of the UNH/Durham water supply.

ChairsDave Cedarholm & Tom Ballestero


Watershed/Aquifer Protection

Goal: Examine issues of infrastructure, stormwater management, toxics reduction, and other issues related to protection of the College Brook and Pettee Brook.

Chair: Bill McDowell


Integrated Waste Management

Goal: Evaluate the waste streams and waste management systems of the university and make recommendations for increasing diversion and improving minimization efforts.

Chair: TBA