Energy Task Force Membership

The work of the Energy Task Force is carried out by the various subcommittees. They are organized and lead by ETF members, but are made up of a variety of faculty, staff and students from across campus who are vital to accomplishing the subcommittees' goals. If you are interested in working on a particular project or area, please contact the appropriate subcommittee chair or email the Energy Task Force!

The goals and areas of focus of the ETF's subcommittees change over time as needed to fulfill the mission of the Energy Task Force and meet the targets of WildCAP. The current list of subcommittees is given below.

Active Subcommittees

Buildings & Hardware

This subcommittee focuses on areas of green building, energy efficiency in lighting and equipment, renewable energy generation and all related areas. 

Chair: Matt O'Keefe, Energy Office


Campus Awareness & Outreach

This group focuses on engaging the UNH community on issues related to climate, energy and conservation.

Chairs: Jim Dombrosk, Energy Office & Beth Potier, University Communications and Marketing


This subcommittee works to strengthen UNH's curriculum related to climate science, energy technolgies, energy & climate policy, etc.

Chair: Stacy Vandeveer, Political Science


Greenhouse Gas Inventory

This group is responsible for maintaining the campus greenhouse gas emissions inventory.

Chair: Brett Pasinella, Sustainability Academy



This subcommittee looks for ways to advance sustainability in the materials and equipment procured by the various departments and organizations at UNH.

Chair: Lisa Pollard, USNH Purchasing


Information Technology

This subcommittee strives to improve efficiency in the operation and disposal of information technology.

Chair: Nanyce Jenkins, Information Technology



This subcommittee works on transportation issues related to energy use in conjunction with the Transportation Policy Committtee.

Chair: Steve Pesci, Campus Planning



This subcommittee seeks to integrate and foster research related to climate science and energy technologies across campus.

Chair: Cameron Wake, Institute of Earth, Oceans & Space