UNH's Food & Society Initiative (FAS)

Seacoast Harvest 2013-2014


As a sustainable food community, UNH is committed to being a model community in the state and region. To accomplish this mission, UNH's Food & Society Initiative (FAS) is engaging students, faculty, administrators, staff, and the larger community in curricula, operations, research and engagement around agriculture, food choices, nutrition, and economic and social well-being.

Under FAS, UNH is committed to:


  • Local Procurement: Increasing the procurement of locally, regionally, and sustainably produced foods by UNH dining areas and within state institutions as appropriate.
  • Civic Agriculture: Supporting sustainable methods of agriculture, including organic production. Reducing the vulnerability of local and regional farmers to destructive competition resulting from globalization and consolidation within the food and farming system.
  • Food Solutions: Researching, developing, and demonstrating innovative solutions to agricultural and food system challenges in our region - including such challenges as production, procurement, soil health, composting, nutrition, and food security.
  • Social Justice: Educating students and community about the relationships among individual and collective food choices, ecological and public health, and rural and community quality of life.
  • Health & Wellness: Improving the health and well-being of community life through teaching, campus operations, research, and engagement efforts that support sustainable community-based food systems.

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