Status of SRC proposals submitted during AY2011-12

  PI Co-PI(s) Agency Program Title Total $$ UNH $$ Status
  Aytur Asbjornsen, French, Jones NSF CHN-RCN Building a Network for a Resilient Food System in New Hampshire and S. Maine $499,932 $499,932 not funded
  Wake Gardner, Hart (UMaine), Merrill (USM) NSF SRN Enhancing Resilience in the Gulf of Maine Watershed Prelim Prelim not invited
  Kirshen Aytur, Roseen, Burdick, Jones, Wake NOAA NERRS Sc Collab Community-based Planning for Climate Change in New Hampshire $655,963 $655,963 FUNDED
  Roseen Joule, Ballestero, Bubier, LaBrance, Watts NOAA NERRS Sc Collab Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Coastal Coummunities $452,430 $452,430 FUNDED
  Wolheim Jacobs, Watts NSF WSC Sustaining Water for People and Nature in the Suburban Northeastern US $4,950,000 $1,414,907 not funded
  Kinner Aytur, Kirshen, Thomas, Valcourt NSF CI4TSL Solutions for Coupled Natural Human Systems Problems $570,819 $570,819 not funded
  Merrill (USM) Sowers (PREP), Bohein (CBEP), Kirshen, Cooper EPA CRE Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Adaptation Analysis via COAST $75,000 ? FUNDED
  Susskind (MIT) Many including Kirsehn, Wake NOAA NERRS Sc Collab An Innovative Tool for Climate Change Education and Adaptation  $637,023    
  Jacobs Daniel, Hayhoe (TTU), Kartez (USM), Kirshen, Wake NSF SEES Engineering Research Collaboratory for Sustainble Infrastrcutre in a Changing Climate $749,779 $749,779 FUNDED
  Diers (Nashua RPC) Many including Mallory, Wake, Rubin HUD SCI New Hampshire Sustainble Community Initiative $4,565,039 $110,761 FUNDED