Status of SRC proposals submitted during AY2011-12

 PICo-PI(s)AgencyProgramTitleTotal $$UNH $$Status
 AyturAsbjornsen, French, JonesNSFCHN-RCNBuilding a Network for a Resilient Food System in New Hampshire and S. Maine$499,932$499,932not funded
 WakeGardner, Hart (UMaine), Merrill (USM)NSFSRNEnhancing Resilience in the Gulf of Maine WatershedPrelimPrelimnot invited
 KirshenAytur, Roseen, Burdick, Jones, WakeNOAANERRS Sc CollabCommunity-based Planning for Climate Change in New Hampshire$655,963$655,963FUNDED
 RoseenJoule, Ballestero, Bubier, LaBrance, WattsNOAANERRS Sc CollabGreen Infrastructure for Sustainable Coastal Coummunities$452,430$452,430FUNDED
 WolheimJacobs, WattsNSFWSCSustaining Water for People and Nature in the Suburban Northeastern US$4,950,000$1,414,907not funded
 KinnerAytur, Kirshen, Thomas, ValcourtNSFCI4TSLSolutions for Coupled Natural Human Systems Problems$570,819$570,819not funded
 Merrill (USM)Sowers (PREP), Bohein (CBEP), Kirshen, CooperEPACRESea Level Rise and Storm Surge Adaptation Analysis via COAST$75,000?FUNDED
 Susskind (MIT)Many including Kirsehn, WakeNOAANERRS Sc CollabAn Innovative Tool for Climate Change Education and Adaptation $637,023  
 JacobsDaniel, Hayhoe (TTU), Kartez (USM), Kirshen, WakeNSFSEESEngineering Research Collaboratory for Sustainble Infrastrcutre in a Changing Climate$749,779$749,779FUNDED
 Diers (Nashua RPC)Many including Mallory, Wake, RubinHUDSCINew Hampshire Sustainble Community Initiative$4,565,039$110,761FUNDED