UNH Tree Walk Podcast

UNH Tree Walk PodcastsWhile walking through campus to a class, meeting, or lunch, have you ever looked up at one of the large trees along the way and wondered what kind it was? Have you ever wondered what the campus landscape looked like 50 or 500 years ago?

Now you can get those answers by listening to the UNH Treewalk Podcast released on iTunes University by the UNH Sustainability Academy!


UNH Tree Walk Podcast Part I (iTunes U)
UNH Tree Walk Podcast Part II (iTunes U)
UNH Tree Walk map
UNH Tree Walk poster



Through this podcast you can take a stroll through campus narrated by UNH students teaching you how to identify the trees along the way. The tour begins at the UNH Memorial Union Building (MUB), winds through campus and ends at the sustainable landscape in front of Hood House. The complete trip takes about an hour, divided into two half-hour parts. The total distance is less than half a mile and the route is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

So next time you wonder if that tree outside your office is a honeylocust or a horsechestnut, download the UNH Tree Walk Podcast and enjoy a walk with a talk—a talk that may encourage you to walk the talk of healthier trees, a healthier ecosystem, and a healthier you!

The tree walk is part of UNH's Biodiversity Education Initiative (BEI), which is commited to integrating the ethics, science, technology, and policies of conserving biological diversity, ecosystem integrity, and public health into the University's identity and practices.

 ** The UNH Tree Walk is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. **

Thank you to following people for making the UNH Tree Walk Podcast!