UNH Unplugged Annual Energy Challenge

FALL 2014 competition runs the month of November! 

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IS YOUR HALL PARTICIPATING? Each dorm should have an Environmental Advocate on its hall council; this person will be in charge of educating and promoting the challenge in their building. Ask your RA or RD who if you have an EA. If you do not have one in your building, then your building is not participating in the challenge! 


History of the Energy Challenge

Begun in 2006 by then UNH student Chris Skoglund ('12G, now at the NH Department of Environmental Services), the competition first began between on-campus residence halls and apartments. 

 In one year, UNH dorms alone emit almost 19,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of nearly 30,000 barrels of oil. Help us reduce our environmental impact by unplugging your appliances and hitting the switch!

While it's a competition between the dorms, the energy use is measured and compared to the buildings usage for the same time frame the previous year. We will look at the usage for April 1-27 in 2013, and compare it to the those dates in 2014, that's where the percentage saved number will come from.

Starting April 1st, the Sustainability Institute at UNH are working with the Environmental Advocates in the residence halls to put on UNH Unplugged, the annual energy challenge. Help your dorm compete with the rest of campus to save the most energy. Win cool prizes and reduce campus energy consumption!

Unplug, compete, and save!

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